The Drought is Over

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Who needs that pesky constitution thing.
Read about how we convict them dang foreigners under ex post facto laws
The Huffington Post

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New Schedule

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I’ve decided to change my work schedule to more closely follow the schedule of the moon. I will be basing my schedule on the data found here.
On days with a lunar eclipse, I will not show up. Unless there is free soda pop.

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Goodbye ideas

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From NewScientist:
NASA will likely shut down its Institute for Advanced Concepts, which funds research into futuristic – and often far-out – ideas in spaceflight and aeronautics, officials say. The controversial move highlights the budgetary pressures the agency is facing as it struggles to retire the space shuttles by 2010 and develop their replacement.
The NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts (NIAC) was established to “give an opportunity for people outside of NASA to develop really revolutionary and creative concepts for future aeronautics and space missions”, says Robert Cassanova, who has served as the institute’s director since its inception in February 1998.
The institute, which operates from an office in Atlanta, Georgia, US, receives about $4 million per year from NASA. Most of that is used to fund research into innovative technologies; recent grants include the conceptual development of spacecraft that could surf the solar system on magnetic fields, motion-sensitive spacesuits that could generate […]

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Well I checked all of my updates back into my Subversion repository, and made a new branch called animtest. I stripped everything game play related out of it in order to solely test character artwork, and made modifications so that the artwork can be loaded from the CLI. Oh, I also dug around a little in my image loader and got it to convert paletted/rgb PNG’s to rgba PNG’s. The portions that ought to be transparent are obviously not transparent, but if an end-user screws up and improperly saves a PNG, at least the program won’t segfault. I’ll release it under the GPLv2 soon. Now to talk a little about the image format. Each PNG is really a sheet consisting of 24×24 pixel sprites. Each row of sprites consists of one directional animation. You can have as many frames in that animation that you want. As of right now, the format has:

  • row 1: moving north
  • row 2: moving south
  • row 3: moving west
  • row 4: moving east
  • We can extend that however we wish. For instance, it would not be unreasonable to have moving north in row 1, and moving north while thrusting in row 2. Or even have them in the same row, where the first half is just walking and the second half is walking while thrusting. To give you something to work with and demonstrate what I’m talking about, I’ve attached a sheet of Link to this post. Pay particular attention to the embedded transparency. The shadows under link are aproximatly 65% opaque, giving a nice (in my opinion) blended shadow. shad.png


    WindEngine Testing (soon)

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    Okay, I’m getting close to a point where I can issue an alpha build of WindEngine for wider testing. By close I mean within the next month. If you’d like to get in on the alpha, send me an email (ojuice[at]gmail[dot]com), and let me know what operating system you use. I expect to issue this alpha for: Windows, GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, and Mac OS X. For the OS X port, stock has volunteered to try and compile it, so thank him if you’re so inclined.


    Joshua Tree, 3/07

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    I’m going out to Joshua tree for the weekend. The weather’s supposed to be really nice this weekend, and the bees hopefully will be, too.
    Last time we went, the place burned for a few days. I swear we had nothing to do with it.

    here’s a picture, just for you.

    joshua tree fire.


    I made it back alive. was a bummer that troy and greg couldnt go, but still had a good time.


    new blogsoft

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    my old blog stuff wasn’t secure. This is a lot better, since I didn’t write it.



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    Ever wanted to do something, but not wanted to do it?

    I want to go to bujinkan, but I also want to vegetate. Oy.

    [18:11] [ logikal] !decide bujinkan vegetate
    [18:11] * crippen demands that you: bujinkan

    The bot knows best.


    new blogsoft

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    After using the blog crap I coded so long ago, I finally moved to wordpress, after maker notified me that I was susceptible to SQL injection hacks. Easier to move the software than try to rewrite the code. Hurray for security


    13 days to scotland

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    yes, only 13 days left to the grand European odyssey.


    • snowboard bag purchased
    • flights purchased
    • train travel purchased


    • backpack or other found
    • talked with doc about altitude meds
    • figured out cash
    • upped alcohol tolerance

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