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Coming with my new M3 card is DSlinux. Very small and with a screen font of 3, which is quite interesting.
Ok, do the port to the DS doesn’t seem to bad, not super funtional, but not bad. The basic ARM processor doesn’t allow a lot to be compiled, such as kismet and aircrack. There is a ARM build for aircrack, and i will look into it.
Here is a shot of DSlinux and BitchX via SSH and the WIFI.

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Christmas time.

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Oh happy day. a partial list, i forgot quite a few things
DS M3 mod
400 GB Sata3
2 port KVM
Call of Duty3
Super Monkey Ball
Steak Knife set
Book of secret recipes
Pink SD
DS Case, Game (Yoshi’s Island) and accessories
Memory foam pillow

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Just another weekend

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Got in 5 jumps at Tallahassee this weekend.


Devil Will Ride…

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Life is a blind roller coaster. It has many ups and downs and most of the time you cannot see the turn up ahead. For most of this year things have been really good. Life was stable and it was comfortable. But in everyone’s life there comes a point where things change. Whether good or bad, the current situation is never going to be static. For me, the situation was pretty much static most of the year. In more recent times things seemingly got even better then I previously thought. I mean, I always knew it could go up, but it was kinda sudden. Hindsight is 20/20 but when things happenly suddenly, they can also just as easily unhappen suddenly.

I’m a true believe in the balance of life. When I have good days, they often are either preceded or followed but bad days. All of a sudden things unhappened. They went from great to weird. Then from weird to unsure. Then from unsure to hopeful. Then from hopeful to pissed off. Thats where I currently am.

Tonight I was tempted. Unfortunately the fruit was snatched from my hand before I had a chance to take it. Luckily the Devil reminded me that there are plenty of other trees on which to pick fruit.

Guess its bye-bye baby, bye-bye.



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I’m still working on LAN RSVP 2.0. Its one of many thousands of projects partially done. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, please comment here. I will either implement them or discard them as the drunken ramblings. When I have a suitable version for testing, I will reveal the hostname it’s reachable at. Some of you may already know it. You will forget it, that’s an order.
I also would appreciate a link to any registration systems you’ve used that have at least one good idea. This is not to say I dont have plenty of ideas already, I’ve a few pages of handwritten notes and plenty of coding done.

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Bujinkan 2

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So, I had more Bujinkan Tuesday. There werent a lot of people there, maybe 10 of us. There were only 3 non-black belts, which was kind of nice, because we asll got paired up with a black belt who could give us pointers and such. I got paired up with a guy who I’ll refer to as M.

I still feel like an idiot when we do the sanshin no kata. I’ve been trying to practice them during the week, but I don’t remember them well enough to practice them. I’ve been having a bitch of a time finding anything about them.

Instead of listing everything I did, I’ll comment on what I learned:

We were doing something where you would create an arm lock by catching an attackers right hand behind the neck, and use your left arm to push up an through the arm (the way your arm doesn’t bend). This creates a lock in your arm, where I either break you arm or you move. I had a little bit of a problem with this one at first, but getting it right taught me a few things.

1. Having long limbs will sometimes make things different/difficult for me.
M had to raise his arm a whole lot less to perform the lock one me, basically raising his arm ~45 degrees to apply the right pressure. I, on the other hand, had to roll my arm inwards, and lift it 75-80 degrees.

2. My body will tell me when I’m doing things right.
When I paid more attention to the what I was doing in a very mechanical way (right foot goes here, left hand goes here, etc) I did a lot worse, and things didn’t feel “right”. That’s the best way I can think of it. When I just let go and let it happen, it seemed that my whole body got into the motions and it felt “right”.
This isnt put very eloquently, because I HAD to think about it mechanically to get it right at first, but then I had to let go. It was most apparent when M would offer advice. I’d try to apply it conciously, and end up doing worse than previously. When I’d loosen up, his advice would just happen. I suppose this is what they’re talking about when they refer to ‘void’. Interesting stuff.

3. Distance is key.
This is something that one of the black belts todl me on my first visit to a session. I can’t remember for the life of me what he referred to it as, but he was talking about finding the right distance to your opponent; not too far, and not too close. At the time, I got the meaning that you want to be close enough to hit, but far enough to evade if necessary, but I learned that it has a huge effect on your balance.
For instance, I was doing a block to the outside with my left hand, pivoting in towards M, and moving to an uppercut. I kept stepping very cose to him. What I was doing was technically correct, but I found my self with too much of my weight on my heels. M noticed and lightly pushed on my blocking arm during my pivot. I went sprawling. He talked to me about distance, and I tried again. That time, his nudge didnt upset my balance. If anything, it just swung my uppercut side around quicker.

4. Use your whole body. Carefully.
Related to 3, but I wanted to use a different example. We were using a right hand block, with a pivot, using a left hand strike to the back/kidneys/neck. I started out doing them as three seperate motions. Very ineffectual. You can actually do all three things in one motion. It’s WAY more effective that way. In fact, the first time I realized it could be done as one motion, I blocked too hard. M wasnt expecting it, and I sent him too far away. He talked to me about control then, because if it had been someone smaller/lighter, I probably would’ve sent them flying with the block.

A very productive session, I think. M seemed to think I was catching on rather quick. He asked me more than once when I started (last week) and seemed surprised. I was happy with that.


Maker wins

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Maker complained about my RSS feeds today. I showed him the (horrible) code I wrote to generate my RSS feeds, and he did it in less than a minute or so.[13:32] [ logikal^] rewrite or redo : http://linenine.net/writerss.phps[13:32] [ Maker_] on it[13:33] [Maker_] http://home.spacehat.net/dz/write_rss.phpsHe really is awesome.Also, unrelatedly, he helped me fix a bunch of crap with windows DNS today. +5 points to Maker.

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Sit Flying

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Looks like all those altitude hop n pops may have actually paid off.


I missed

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The plan had been for me to get a good nights sleep Friday night (seemed like a good plan at the time), wake up at approximately 4am sat morning and head to The Farm. Well, I missed the target on that plan. After waking up around 11am I decided that driving the 5 [...]


Lies from central Florida!

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The University of Central Florida has made up the following lie, in an attempt to prove we’ll never land on the moon again:� 3-D Digital Storage System Could Hold a Library on One DVD. Belfield’s team claims they figured out a way to use lasers to compact large amounts of information onto a DVD while maintaining “excellent” quality. The information is stored permanently without the possibility of damage, they assert.
I have yet to review their research and until such time, I’m assuming it’s a lie. The same goes for all other research in every field. It’s all lies.

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A small update

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I haven’t posted in a while, so here’s what you’ve missed. Skydiving was great, some websites broke and I fixed them. Some hardware failed, and got fixed. In other words, I’ve been busy. Tonight I have a company formal event to attend, and then its off for skiing Saturday and Sunday. There will be no snow and the temperature is about 80F, though they lie and claim 51F, it isn’t much help.

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