NASA approves sending space shuttle to repair Hubble telescope

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It’s about time NASA did something right. I half expected them to send a shuttle armed with rockets to blast the thing out of the sky if only because it would be just about the dumbest thing to do.
From the article:

“CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) - NASA Administrator Michael Griffin on Tuesday approved sending a space shuttle to repair the 16-year-old Hubble Space Telescope, reversing his predecessor’s contentious decision to nix the mission.
Griffin’s announcement was greeted eagerly by astronomers who feared Hubble would deteriorate before the end of the decade without a mission to add new camera instruments, sensors and replace aging batteries.
The shuttle mission will likely be in early 2008.”

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HOW Conference and Jelousy

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The following is some information on the HOW Conference in Chicago taking place now through Wednesday. I’m jealous I’m not attending.
HOW Design Conference
Like HOW magazine, the HOW Design Conference recognizes that graphic design is a business as well as an art. HOW launched this annual event in 1991 with the goal of providing a hands-on, educational program to enable designers to better balance the three key components of graphic design: creativity, business and technology. Conference sessions cover a mix of these three critical design issues, with particular emphasis on creative and business topics.
Mind Your Own Business Conference
The Mind Your Own Business Conference is a bi-annual event sponsored by HOW magazine and ReCourses, Inc., a management consulting firm that works exclusively with small service providers in the communications industry. Together, HOW and ReCourses recognize making the transition from successful artist to successful businessperson can be challenging. At the Mind Your Own […]

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Questions to ask a SQL Server database developer applicant

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Standard set of baseline technical questions he asks SQL Server database developers during an interview. These questions will help you weed out less-qualified candidates.

It is very difficult in today’s job market to find well-qualified database developers. It’s very easy to attain a basic understanding of SQL, yet another to master SQL.
When I interviewing SQL Server database developer candidates, a standard set of baseline technical questions works well. The following questions are ones that can really help weed out less-qualified candidates. They are listed in order from easiest to more difficult. When you get to the question about primary and foreign keys, it starts to get challenging because the answers can be more difficult to explain and articulate, especially in an interview setting.
Can you give me an overview of some of the database objects available for use in SQL Server 2000?
You are looking for objects such as: tables, views, user-defined functions, […]

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screw this global warming

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Why do people want to stop or slow global warning? To hell with this planet. lets move to another one. This one is a disaster and not worth saving. Saving it doesn’t save our species from extinction. We need to spread like rabbits over every rock in this galaxy. Our current plan of hiding on this little worthless ball is a sure-fire way to be destroyed.

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in light of recent events

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the following has been enacted due to recent events.
privacy policy
applicable websites
If you have issues with this, it either doesn’t apply to you or tough luck.

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not entirely screwed

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Note: if you followed this link from one of my client’s websites with a negative attitude with the intent to find
“inappropriate material” for only the Amish, please leave immediately. You may be offended by opinions
and free thinking.

California General Election via Secretary Of State
Official Voter Information Guide Grant Henninger’s Voting Guide
Guide available via blog and
via PDF (Mirror)
U.S House of Representatives
Find out which republicans to avoid in your area
“Unbiased” Voting Guide from the Secretary of State
List of issues presented to voters with pros and cons

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Censorship By Parents Who Can’t Conrol Their Children

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A website I maintain was recently brought under attack on one of the links I post on my personal website which has no affiliation with my employer or any projects I freelance . I post these thinks to further my ability to illustrate my ability to freelance any project regardless of content.One of the users of these side projects dug deep to find a correlation between my personal site ( and one of my professional freelance sites and had a major problem with artwork. I imagine that in this particular users world all artwork would be subject to approval by this user, which of course makes zero sense in the world we’ve created on the internet.This kind of thiking, where an entity must censor their content so that their underage internet user is not subject to its artistic content should immediately indicate that this user not produce offspring, and […]

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Edwards Airforce Base Air Show

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Air Show Acts
Gates open at 7 flying starts at 10:00 AM
Saturday and Sunday performances are identical.
Flying starts with the F-16 Sonic Boom commemorating Chuck Yeager’s breaking of the sound barrier.

Golden Knights Flag Jump
Opening Ceremonies
F-22A Demo Flight
P-51 Demo Flight
A-10 Demo Flight
F-15E Demo Flight
Heritage Flights F-22A, F-15, A-10, P-51
Mr. Craif Treft and his aerobatic Pitt
Red Bull Aerobatic Mig-17
NASA ER-2 Fly By
T-34 Demo Flight
F/A-18 Hornet Demo Flight
F4U Corsair and Hawker Sea Fury legacy flights
B-25 Mitchell Fly By

General Break for Lunch

Hang Glider Demo by Dan Buchanan
Mr. John Collver’s AT-6
Royal Dutch AF Precision Team Performance F-16
Ms. Margaret Stivers Wing Walker and Aviatrix
C-17 Air Drop and Demo
B-52 Demo
Golden Knights
B-1 Demo
F-117 Stealth Fighter Demo
Predator MQ-9 fly by
AFFTC Aerial Review
Air Force Thunderbirds

Show will end at roughly 4:45 p.m.

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The Burning Crusade

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I think we require some organization here. I volunteer for this, provided there are no complaints or whining of any kind. teamslack will live again, and thrive.

We need a complete front end splash page
a forum very categorized
a clear idea of what will happen and when and how we’ll be set up

Our current “solutions” require much to be clarified. This includes the order of our posts and general order of what is going to go down.

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Running from the clouds

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On the way to altitude (14,000 feet above ground level - AGL) we ran into some rain clouds. This wasn’t that unusual since we were in a plane above Florida where weather is usually interesting. On this day slight rain persisted from 10,000 to 14,000 feet.
I was the …

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Printer Project

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For the last few months I’ve found myself spending a lot of my time at work creating and managing printers on hundreds of Windows servers. It’s been a nightmare, the servers that were given to me were configured by hand which led to minor differences caused by human error. …

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