New Tires?

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I’m considering purchasing either Continental’s Grand Prix 4-Season tires or their Ultra Gaterskin 2006’s…


House Pics

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House pics


Mathews Beach Park - 37.4 Miles

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I took the morning lazy and ate plenty of carbs (cheerios). I bought some more Gaterade mix and slightly dilluted it such that the rush of sugar wouldn’t give me cramps. I got to Marymoor at about 12:45 and took a practice lap around K-lot, and then stretched out. As I started out on the trail my legs were kind of tight so I kept at a steady 70rpm until they loosened up. At about 3 miles in I decided I I was loose enough to start riding normally (plus the crowds started thinning out). I cruised up to Woodenville and took a quick break to stretch out my back further and chug half the Gaterade. When I started again I was feeling really well and started cruising at 16mph. When I got to Bothell I was relieved to see that they were done working on a bridge that made […]

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Bothell Ride - 21 miles

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I took a tad shorter ride to Bothell today. My glutious maximus was getting sore, so even though I had planned to get over to Kenmore, it didn’t happen. I lucked out at the parking lot, as a guy who had just gotten done cycling gave me his parking ticket, thus saving me $1. On the way out I forget to stretch so I took it slow initially so that I wouldn’t pull anything. A couple miles in I decided to pase myself at 16mph, in a slightly high gear so as to build up muscle. This worked out until some guy who looked like an amateur racer passed me, he was going roughly 20 mph, and as usual getting passed got me fired up and I shifted down one gear and took off after him. I kept on his tail for two miles, going 19mph. He lost me near […]

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Quickie Bothell Ride - 26 miles

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Woke up at 5:00am again, but I decided not to let that stop me from cycling today as it did yesterday. I set out at 10:00am on my road bike. I hadn’t really used it since the old seat got messed up (only rode my mtb for ~four months). At about 3.5 miles in I noticed I wasn’t putting out as much power as I should have been so I stopped and raised my seat 1/4″ and it made a world of difference. My cadence averaged 84rpm for 13 miles then I started to bonk since I skipped breakfast. On the way back to Marymoor my cadence bounced between 65 and 90 (90 when someone would pass me and I’d get mad). All in all not a bad ride, I guess. I won’t skip my cheerio’s tomorrow.
Wildlife: Heard the Roosters in Bothell, but they […]

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Blog Retooling

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New theme, revamped logo..
In order to facilitate more blogging I’m going to be blogging about things such as cycling, projects, books, etc. (Things I swore I wouldn’t be doing on here).

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