Two side to every story…

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Dirka Dirka Muhammed Jihad
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On the nature of addiction

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Why do we play? For many of us, this thing we do has become a second job. The amount of actual pleasure/joy/reward we derive from the game has dwindled. But there is still a compulsion to log in, to make the appointments, to put in the effort. We feel guilty when we don’t.

I used to enjoy it so much. Or at least I sat somewhere in the happy nexus between joy and obsession. You dream about this thing, you get deep enough in and it pervades every part of your consciousness, all the time. But the joy fades, and the obsession becomes addiction. What keeps us hooked?

We make excuses, just like any addict does. It’s cheaper than other forms of entertainment! More bang for your buck! I like the social interaction, it’s how I spend time with my friends! Those things may all be true, but there are costs that are not monetary. Social interaction is good, but getting out of the house is pretty fucking important too. And the longer you last in this addiction, the higher the probability that you have to deal with people you’d like to stab in the eye with a pencil.

But it will stay in my head.



Corporate Life

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Update 9:50am the next day
I’ve been trying to make this stupid fucking coil this morning and the fucking god damned bobbin they gave me doesn’t meet my fucking spec. Fuck fuck fuck fuckfuck….

I’m an electrical engineer. I manage the production of medical devices for a large corporation. Sometimes emergencies happen and I can take care of them quickly. Sometimes I choose to make people sweat for poor planning. Sometimes it comes to bite me in the ass.

Program Manager
What is the status of the flat coil? When John can get one and start testing? IN my opinion, the planned single request to Insight for them to make the final modification to the ID is currently dependant on this.

Lead Mechanical Designer
The coil size was determined in yesterdays 8:30am meeting with Brian using .0065” wire, three layers high and eleven raps with a total outside diameter of 1.65” (42mm).

Lee- when could you have one of these coils done for us?

Lead Mechanical Designer calls me.
Him: Lee what do you need to make this.
Me: Um a miracle and a bobbin the size of a penny.
Him: Can you draw that up for me?
Me: Um, sure but you are the mechanical dude.
Him: Here is my fax number, sketch something and I will get the machine shop to do it.
Me: Ok but do you know how hard that thing will be to make?
Him: No idea, good luck.

Bobbin is in hand. I stare at this thing. There will be the toughest coil to wind ever. Mind you I MANAGE a production line. They COULD get a co-op to make this…

Email from program manager above program manager.
Is this something we need ASAP, or can we get and test it later? I can call Lee if necessary.

Lead Mechanical Designer
We handed the bobbin to make the coil to Lee this afternoon.

Lee- How soon do you think you get this turned around?

I have left work already and wasn’t planning on being in that office tomorrow. I was planning to be at our HQ which is 25 miles away.
I got a call from the program manager asking me to drop what I’m doing tomorrow and make this coil. I said he could have it Friday morning. He said that was unacceptable. I said, I’m sorry, why didn’t you tell me sooner. He said oops. So I said Friday it is.

Email from program manager
The coil needs to be obtained ASAP for testing so as to define the accurate spec for the rubber plate. I called Lee and he said he could only deliver the coil (he has to manually wind the coil) either late tomorrow afternoon or Friday morning.

I thought this was the end…

Email from program manager above program manager
Lee –

I don’t have visibility into your priorities, but if this is impacting our ability to complete the industrial design or mechanical stack-up, then I suggest you make time to do this tomorrow (Thursday).

My response to the program manager of the program manager, I CCed my boss (which is none of the people listed above, mind you).
My continual highest priority is to make sure the Savacor production line is in working order. Tomorrow was supposed to be a day where Werner and I sat down and went over every detail of whole production line. This includes our issues with our new valsalva meter, manufacturing of extra PAM 1.0 TIM boards, yield of modules in production and under test, and sterile packs that are under test. This was all to be done at Savacor HQ in West LA.

I’m going to put this all aside and head up to Sylmar and make this coil tomorrow. I see how many people this is affecting. In the future I would prefer that poor planning on Yongning’s part not constitute emergency on my part. This was all thrust upon me this afternoon and has put me in a tight spot.

When we are finally moved into the new building I do not forsee problems like this occuring in the future.


So I caved. I was pissed at first but its better to show that you are the bigger man rather than to get into petty arguments of a STUPID FREAKING COIL.


Missing some skin

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I remember being five years old, playing little league, hands in batting gloves to cover broken skin. My dad blames himself, he says he pushed me too hard. I don’t remember that part of it; I don’t remember baseball at the age of five being stressful. But nothing worked to fix my skin. Just bloody hands until the season ended. And I kept playing.
It still happens. I registered for classes yesterday. Year Two of law school. My left thumb is raw, missing the top three layers of skin now. I wonder what the market is for lawyers with bloody hands. Somehow I doubt I’ll be the only one to fall in that category.

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Cieje gets on a very crowded bandwagon

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I’ll do my best to never update this site.

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Another one bites the dust…

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So tonight another Jdate relationship ended. We had dated for about a month and I was always confused as to where things were going. She was a really nice girl and had a lot going for her. She was super smart , which I really dig. The problem was that she rarely showed affection for me. It had my mind running in circles. Then when I called her up to ask her what was the deal, she invited me over to go swimming and we made out in her pool and cuddled a bit afterwards. Bam, I thought I was in and I just assumed she wanted to move slow to see if things were right.

It took two weeks for us to hang out again, I knew something was up. It just didn’t feel right. So we met up for coffee tonight and we went for a walk and I could tell she was preoccupied with stuff and junk. So I asked her what was up and she said she was confused about us…

To sum it up she gave me the old “its not you, its me” deal. She said I was everything that she was looking for but there was something missing. She said she feels retarded because she really wanted it to work out. So it goes.

This isnt the first, second or even third time this has happened to me. I’m not bitter, I’ve been here before, I’ve matured.

Rememeber folks there are plenty of fish in the sea.


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