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So, I’ve been prompted by Maker to start using Google Reader. Here are my thoughts:
For some reason, it’s not sorting by dates correctly for me. PA’s May 29 post is somehow more recent than BoingBoing’s post from 5 minutes ago. Maybe that will go away once the dust settles from adding penny-arcade. Hopefully.
I’d like to see tabbed feed browsing, where I could have all of my friend’s blogs (updated less frequently) in a tab seperate from the behemoth feeds (slashdot, bb, etc), and even a tab for my comics. That’d be nice.


Happy Birthday, Bridget!

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Happy Birthday, you! I will destroy any man or boy who hurts her. Apparently, I also have to be worried about you ladies, too. You have been warned.

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XML gooderness

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I’ve redone the way the xml gets updated, and now I shouldn’t have any problems with “badly formed” xml. hopefully. I can’t protect myself from stupid things with html entities though.



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I was talking about this with someone the other day. Here are directions to make the . Or so they say. Give it a shot.

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I am terrible

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In regards to Google’s Summer of Code:

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backing up linenine

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linenine uses a program called rsnapshot to backup things from the non-raid raptor to the raid5 array. currently, the only things that are backed up are:


(let me know if you think of something else that should be backed up)

It does a full backup once a week, and incremental ones throughout the week, saving only the last 7 days. Then it does a full backup once a month, and incremental ones every week, and saves 4 weeks. It also does a full backup once a month, and keeps 3 months of those.I may just change that to keep a full month’s worth of daily (incremental) backups, and then just the monthly ones on top of that though. we’ll see.


linenine’s guts

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linenine’s physical system is comprised of the following componenents:

Motherboard Asus A8N-VM CSM
Processor Single Opteron 144
Memory 2×512MB CORSAIR Dual Channel DDR400
Storage 1x 36GB 10K rpm Raptor
  3x 320GB SATA 150 WD Caviar - RAID 5
Case Black Antec 2U Case
PSU 400W Antec Power Supply

Here’s some pictures rico42 took for me: 1 2
linenine boots Gentoo Linux from the 36GB Raptor, and then loads EVMS, the utility that turns the other three drives into a RAID5 array. The raid array holds 600GB of single-fault tolerant storage. This way, if a drive ever dies, we’ll be able to jsut throw another drive in, rebuild the array, and go on our way.


linenine blog

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so, i decided that it’d be a neat idea to start a blog for the linenine server itself, to keep everyone updated on what I’ve been doing with it, and what Iplan on doing with it in the future. this is currently just a php file that i edit manually, but by the end of the week, i plan on having a system in place to automate all of this (including rss feeds!). the first ‘real’ item will be a little bitabout linenine, how it’s set up, and what’s running on it. then i’ll clue youall in as to the backup system I just set up, using rsnapshot.


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